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How does this differ from other blogs and websites on the subject of homes and shelter? It’s not all recycled web content. Much of what appears below is original material — feedback from people who have been inspired to build homes from our books over the past 40 years. You’ll see it first here.

Tiny House Village in Eugene, Oregon

Tiny red house

In Eugene, the Whoville tent camp has returned, this time to city-owned land next to a downtown street.

Eugene urban planner Andrew Heben has an alternative idea to tents: tiny houses.

The author of Tent City Urbanism: From Self-Organized Camps to Tiny House Villages (The Village Collaborative, $18) co-founded the nonprofit organization Opportunity Village Eugene, which last year created a community where people live in 30 tiny houses.

There is no electricity or plumbing, but the front doors can be locked for privacy and the modular, simple structures keep the rain, wind and chill away. A tenant can personalize the 80-square-feet space. Many have sleeping lofts over the kitchen/desk area. A few have painted the plywood walls.

Residents share a communal kitchen, bathrooms, showers and gathering space.Š


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Eco-Friendly Two-Piece Tiny Home for Sale in WA

Two-piece Tiny Home

“Take a 1901 barn, a 1923 farmhouse, and a student who needs an architectural project and you get the opportunity to own a unique two-piece tiny house. Come up with $23,000 and a way to move the project from its home in Olympia and you support a student with ideas while also being green and eco. At 256 square feet, the price per square foot isn’t too bad, either. There must be a catch.

Some assembly required. The house is a student project, an incomplete student project. The most important parts are finished, or at least enough of the exterior has been completed to protect the building and the interior. As for the interior, the hardwood floor, bathroom sink, and “other bits” are in; but you may want to check on the kitchen, the rest of the bathroom, any cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, heating, etc. Details, details…”


Listing here

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SunRay Kelley's New Treehouse


SunRay Kelley is a master natural builder whose work has been featured in Builders of the Pacific Coast, Tiny Homes, and Tiny Homes on the Move. Here’s some recent news.

Hi Lloyd,

SunRay is working on a two-story, one-bedroom tree house. The attached picture will give you an idea but I need to get some updated photos soon it is a lot farther along these days. I hope she’ll be done in time to make this next book. Below are links to photos and text on a few of the small homes SunRay has done.

Sounds like you have another great project to keep you busy and out of trouble this rainy season.

Love and Light,
Bonnie and SunRay
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100 sq. ft. Dorm Rooms at Swedish College


107 sq. foot dormThe tiny house revolution is hitting the college set. Swedish design firm Tengbom Architects designed a portable micro-dorm room that gives students privacy while upholding sustainable living. Called the 10 Smart Square dorms, each unit provides 107-square-feet of living space with an efficient design that allows students to enjoy all the comforts of home in their tiny dorm.

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Aaron Maret's 200 sq. ft. Tiny Home on the Move


Maret incorporated many recycled materials into his home’s structure, from the enormous reclaimed windows to the salvaged redwood that was used for the decking, and re-purposed pine flooring. The main living space is flooded with light, and the bright paint hues that were chosen juxtapose gorgeously with the structure’s rustic aesthetic. Pillow-strewn benches line both walls, and the kitchenette area has living-edge wooden countertops and a small sink that transforms into additional counter space with the help of closeable flaps. A ladder provides access to the sleeping loft above, and a mini built-in composting toilet is enclosed in the washroom space below. Read More …

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Tiny Homes for Rent on Permaculture Farm in Washington: $200/Month

01212_ketMWWIXMgW_600x450Unique, off-grid, tiny home located on a 46-acre agro-forestry farm. Each beautiful, one-room cabin has a wood stove, built-in double bed, writing desk and personal kitchen within its small footprint. Although tiny, each cabin is self-contained and has sufficient storage. The kitchen is equipped with a propane stove-top, open shelving and a counter-top water dispenser.


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