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How does this differ from other blogs and websites on the subject of homes and shelter? It’s not all recycled web content. Much of what appears below is original material — feedback from people who have been inspired to build homes from our books over the past 40 years. You’ll see it first here.

Tiny Texas Houses' Recent Work

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 11.23.34 AMTiny Texas Houses were featured in our book Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter. Here are examples of more of their work. All materials salvaged. “For us, a Tiny House runs a 160 sq. ft. up to about 750 sq. ft., including the lofts and an insulated back porch. The Teeny Tiny House is generally under that mark on the bottom floor, going as low as 63 sq. ft. Here are a few of the tiniest houses that we have built that are great for a guest house, or for a child living at home that you do not want to become totally independent of the main house. Here are some of my favorite Teeny Tiny Houses that we have created so far.”


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Blue Forest Treehouse Design and Construction


One of the many exquisite professionally built treehouses by Blue Forest. This treehouse is wrapped around the trunk of an oak tree without any anchors to the tree. Its load rests via stilts on a ring beam. The roof is thatched and the walls covered in hand cleaved oak shingles. The thatched treehouse, located near Bristol UK, matches the main house which is also thatched and was built in 1886. Read More …

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Tiny House As Affordable In-law Unit

In law unit

“…As more baby boomers inch toward calling it quits with their careers, they’re figuring out that a tiny house — a compact abode around 400 square feet, more or less — might best serve their retirement dreams. After all, aging in place is all about living in a home that’s energy efficient, comfortable and safe…”

Check out the article at www.oregonlive.com/…

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One Woman's Cottage and Permaculture Garden in Ireland

www.bealtainecottage.com5 www.bealtainecottage.com3

From a comment by “Anonymous” on one of the posts on Lloyd’s Blog:

“You might enjoy a gander through this woman’s blog. What she has accomplished — buying a swampy, run-down cottage in Ireland, with very little funds, eco-aware and permaculture — is amazing and beautiful … very much so.”

Check out the Bealtaine Cottage Blog.

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Yogan's Tiny Ship-Shape House


In 2007, we got an email from Yogan, a young carpenter in France. He said he’d started out with a Volkswagen van, worked alone, and was following in the footsteps of old carpenters, using “…noble wood.” He had a large Mercedes van that contained his portable tools, as well as a bed and kitchen for working away from his home territory. He’d seen our book Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter, and wanted us to see the treehouse he was living in. We featured Yogan in both Tiny Homes and Tiny Homes on the Move. Here’s a new creation from Yogan, a ship-shape elevated 450 sq. ft. tiny home located in France, with a deck shaped like the prow of a ship.
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