Adventurous Couple Build Brilliant Tiny House on Wheels

adventurous-tiny-house-9-of-9Oli and Holly are a couple who aren’t afraid to break the norms. When they made the decision to build a Tiny House on wheels, this couple constructed a home that would truly suit them and their personalities. It’s filled with quirky, unique features and clever spatial design. The Tiny House is roughly 3 × 7 meters (23 × 10 ft.) and is joined to a removable deck to create brilliant indoor-outdoor flow and a space which allows the couple to enjoy the wonderful views from their land. Inside the home is spacious, modern and light with lots of north-facing windows. The lounge area looks out onto the deck and has a custom-built sofa with lots of storage, enough for the couple to keep all their camping and hiking gear.

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Kalamazoo’s First Tiny House May Change Housing Laws


The City of Kalamazoo is considering changing its housing laws to accommodate tiny houses. These homes are often less than 400 sq. feet and use things like built-in tables to maximize space. Recent reality TV shows and documentaries have made living small seem chic. Some say tiny houses could be a more affordable option for people living on a small income. Ben Brown is excited as he shows me around his future home in Kalamazoo’s Eastside neighborhood. He says it fits well within his budget. “I know I can not only pay it off, I can have savings — and it doesn’t have to look like a shack. It can actually be palatial, a castle, a palace,” he says.

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New Mexico Apartment Barn by DC Builders of Damascus, Oregon



My name is Rikki Ford, I work with DC Builders in Oregon. We love your blog and the “shelters” that you post daily. We would love to be a post on your blog in the near future. We specialize in a unique product of custom barns and barn style homes, but our apartment barn hybrids are the quirkier projects that we take on. I thought this project below might be of interest to you and your audience. Please let me know what you think.

Talk soon,
–Rikki Ford

taos-nm-barn-living-quarters-14“This apartment barn was built by DC Builders, based out of Damascus, Oregon. This barn with upstairs living quarters has four horse stalls with Classic Equine stall fronts and dutch doors with a 12′ × 24′ tack room, including a half-bath and solar-powered radiant heat in the slab. This home/barn hybrid is a unique way to utilize space and resources.”

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Island Earth GMO Documentary

Right now the islands of Hawaii are in a food fight of global consequence. Although Hawaii has a rich history as a self-sufficient agricultural society, Hawaiians now import 90% of their food. Hawaii is also ground zero for the world’s biotech companies, which capitalize on the tropical climate and lax environmental laws to test experimental GMO crops year-round.

Island Earth is a feature documentary depicting the struggles and triumphs of people fighting to take back their natural resources from corporations, while exploring what it will really take to “feed the world” through thought-provoking interviews with the world’s top biologists and farmers. By exposing the myth that industrial agriculture is the only way of producing food for our growing population, Island Earth shows how to take control of our food supply through local farming and native wisdoms…

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Rugged Mountain Cabin 10′×16′×14′ – $17,500 in Drake, CO


Roomy Tiny House — Unfurnished on Skids

  • Built to last by a master craftsman, with beautiful views in mind.
  • Quality interior finish, cedar and redwood frame and trim.
  • 4 antique windows on ground floor
  • 2 windows on either side of the loft
  • French doors
  • Corrugated metal siding over 4-inch insulated walls.
  • Rustic gable roof

Call Guy at 970-669-5164.

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The Durango Tiny House on Wheels


Anyone looking to explore the beautiful Colorado mountain ranges in style may want to consider the Durango Tiny House as a home base. Itsy-bitsy even by tiny home standards, the 136-square-foot Durango is set on a wheeled trailer — which basically makes it a minimalist traveler’s dream home. With a contemporary shed design and complete functionality, this comfy camper home is made out of a number of reclaimed materials, including tin and cedar siding, barnwood, loft flooring, and Douglas fir trim.

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Cape Breton Store Offers Free Land, Job to Canadians Willing to Relocate

farmer-s-daughter-in-whycocomaghA family-run business is trying a unique approach to recruit people to live and work year-round in rural Cape Breton by offering two free acres of land to people who are willing to relocate.

Farmer’s Daughter is a general store and bakery in Whycocomagh, N.S., which has a population of about 800. Sisters Sandee MacLean and Heather Coulombe took over the business earlier this year from their dairy farmer parents, who started it nearly 25 years ago.

From Rick Gordon

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Zyl Vardos' Ampersand House


Some like their tiny homes modern, others will lean bohemian or even gothic. So far, we’ve been seeing a number of unique, gypsy-esque tiny homes being built by Olympia, Washington’s Zyl Vardos (the word “vardo” refers to the traditional horse-drawn caravans favoured by the nomadic Roma people). Their latest creation is the Ampersand House, a wonderfully laid-back yet tasteful home that’s topped with one of the company’s signature sweeping roofs and punctuated with lots of custom, non-orthogonal windows…


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Rent-to-Own Tiny Houses for Low-Income Detroiters

…The houses will range in size from 250–400 square feet. Each house will look different, but will have similar amenities. This model house, seen above, is 300 square feet, and they’ll be building a deck on the back of it for additional living space.

Ford has contributed $400,000 to this project. A 300-square-foot home would cost about $48,000 to build, but that figure could decrease as more are built.

Residents will need an income to qualify for the project. A 300-square-foot home will cost $300 in rent each month, plus heating, which should only be about $32 per month in the winter. They’re using a rent-to-own model, with tenants graduating from a rental lease to a land contract, with potential full ownership rights of the home after seven years.

This is a first of its kind project in Detroit. Cass Community Social Services first worked with the city on appropriate zoning. They’re unsure of what the homes will be worth in the future, as there are no comparable properties in the area. There are over 300 vacant lots within a mile radius of this neighborhood, so they’re looking at this project as repopulating the neighborhood…

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Small Passive House Can Withstand Earthquakes

This small home on wheels is smart, modern, incorporates passive design principles and was even designed to withstand earthquakes! For those who love the idea of getting into an affordable home but are afraid that a tiny house on wheels would be too small, this may be the ideal solution…

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Prefab Homes Made in California


britespace-avava-systems-4-jpg-650x0_q70_crop-smartunknown-2California-based AVAVA Systems is one of these companies offering high-end, flat-pack, prefabricated small homes with an emphasis on ease of assembly, sustainable materials and seismic strength. The company’s flagship product is the Britespace, which comes in three sizes: 264, 352 and 480 square feet. They all use AVAVA’s innovative framing system, which is not only strong but is relatively simple to put together, taking only a matter of weeks, rather than months, to completely build the home. Incidentally, the system was first successfully tested by founders David Wilson and Michael Kozel during the Burning Man arts festival in 2005, to show that it could be a better alternative to the 150-year-old stick framing system…

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