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How does this differ from other blogs and websites on the subject of homes and shelter? It’s not all recycled web content. Much of what appears below is original material — feedback from people who have been inspired to build homes from our books over the past 40 years. You’ll see it first here.

My Small Home

Fifteen years ago I moved from a not-large home (1,220 sq.ft. — more photos at VRBO.com) with 5 bedrooms and not much property (top picture), and moved to a smaller single-wide mobile (750 sq. ft., 2 bedrooms) with lots of property (4 acres). And I’ve closed off the master bedroom so I don’t even use all of those square feet (bottom pictures).

A major concern some of my friends and I have is that San Bernardino County no longer allows single-wide mobiles to be places on property here. (My single-wide was grandfathered in.) There’s even some question as to whether the county will allow a small HOUSE to be built on property here. Just thought you might be interested in this frustrating aspect of the trend for smaller houses being built.


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Molecule Tiny Homes in Santa Cruz, California


…Dietz and Williams are the founders, owners, and entire staff of Molecule Tiny Houses, a small Felton-based home construction company. The two brothers-in-law do almost all of the actual construction themselves, building each house to the customer’s specifications. With four tiny houses under their belts since they made the company a full-time endeavor in 2011, they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down…

Check out Molecule Tiny Homes.
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High-End Tiny Homes


Luxury homes tend to have a few defining characteristics, but one of the most important aspects is doubtless an abundance of space. The most expensive homes currently on the market — $195 million Palazzo di Amore in Los Angeles, $139 million Le Palais Royal in Florida — weigh in at a massive 53,000 and 60,000 square feet, respectively.

The tiny home craze, a movement centered on the countercultural idea that it’s better to live small than large, is taking a cue from the mega-mansion and embracing upscale amenities. From quality woods to granite countertops to sound systems and LED lights, tiny homes have moved beyond their sawdust toilet roots, with several companies offering scaled-down versions of luxury features. One company is even marketing a tiny hot tub…

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