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How does this differ from other blogs and websites on the subject of homes and shelter? It’s not all recycled web content. Much of what appears below is original material — feedback from people who have been inspired to build homes from our books over the past 40 years. You’ll see it first here.

Monarch Tiny Homes Half/Half House


Hello Evan,

We have a new model called the Half/Half. The idea is, we fully build the structure, leaving the inside empty and open to the creativity of the buyer. It’s considerably less expensive at $22,000. Just like our Twenty-Footer, the home comes with SIPs walls and roof, Newtechwood lifetime recycled siding, windows, door, and all of the utility lines roughed in.

More info: www.monarchtinyhomes.com/halfhalf
I will see if I can get a few pics of the interior.

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Seeking Builders of Tiny Homes on the Move

We’ve been approached by a film maker who is interested in telling the stories of people/a person who specializes in converting vehicles into tiny homes that move. Ideally, we’d like to find someone who does this for other people and makes a living/makes a business of it.

Vans, house buses, house trucks, trailers, or sailboats or houseboats. Please contact me if you know of anyone in this category: lloyd@shelterpub.com

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Small Home For Sale $155,000 in Florida Keys


Sure, this beach house in Cedar Key, FL, listed for $155,000, is small in size. But guess what? It’s proof positive that you don’t have to go big to have a dreamy vacation home!

Built in 1950, this tiny home has a charming Elvis in “Blue Hawaii” vibe with wood siding, a pyramid hipped roof, and an adorable door with bright green trim.

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