Off the Grid, Under the Radar in UK


My cabin is on the upper, south-facing slopes of a valley under a big tree. I’m not allowed to say where because living off the grid has become seen as a naughty and subversive thing to do so I won’t tell you where it is but it’s in a field in Oxfordshire.

It’s a timber-framed building, clad with timber with double-glazed windows and wool insulation. The floor space is rectangular but the end profile is pentagonal so it means that it’s wider at the eaves than it is at the floor. There’s a mezzanine level for sleeping.…

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New Zealand Woman Builds Tiny Home of Recycled Materials for $30,000

A home is not just a building, it’s also a state of mind. For New Zealander Lily Duval, it meant creating a charming, cozy space out of her self-built 150-square-foot tiny home, where she could have her beloved book collection front and center, while also showcasing some colorful vintage items in her sunny kitchen.


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Home in a Greenhouse


When it gets cold and dark during the winter months, people find creative ways to stay warm, from the common-sense approach of wearing layers to more wacky ideas like setting up a tent — indoors — to cut down on the heating bill.

But perhaps one of the most unusual approaches we’ve come across is building a greenhouse around your existing home to heat it up. That’s exactly what this family did near Stockholm, Sweden, by renovating an existing summer home and adding a greenhouse structure outfitted with 4-millimetre single-pane glass around it.


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Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from $16,350


The Cumberland log cabin kit is very unique with 2 reverse gables and center porch. This great design allows for 2 lofts located at each end. The Cumberland is great for those wanting separate lofts. Our log cabin kits feature open floor plans and do not include interior walls, insulation, kitchen, bathroom, electric and dormers. Most of these items are available for purchase as options — please contact us to request a quote. Want extra height? You can add logs to your cabin kit. You can get just enough to make extra head room beneath the loft or enough logs to make stand up lofts!

Sent by Rick Gordon

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Tiny Houses Are Cheaper

Click graphic for full-size.Amanda Schatz at, running an Indiegogo to fund it’s house-in-a-box product, passed along some information on the Tiny House movement. She shared an infographic from on trends in this market.


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19th Century Tiny Homes in the UK


Situated just behind New Street Station, the Birmingham Back to Backs are nestled in the very heart of Birmingham and are a residue of the history of the city’s population over the past 150 years.

The Back to Backs were originally tiny houses literally built back to back to each other in different quarters. Within these quarters communities would form. They were built in the 1800s in order to provide homes for the ever increasing population of the Birmingham of the Industrial Revolution. The Back to Backs were still inhabited by residents until the 1960s and 1970s when most of the courts were demolished to make way for more modern accommodation. 10 years ago the National Trust acquired the city’s very last surviving court of Back to Back buildings and has been preserving them ever since, much to our advantage.Š

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Photos of Back-to-Backs:…

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