100 sq. ft. Tiny Home in Australia


What is 10 sq. m. (100 sq. ft.) has a kitchen and chill-out space, a bathroom, a loft with sleeping room for three, is off the grid, costs less than $45,000 to build and can be moved on its wheels to wherever the owner’s heart desires when the neighbours get tiresome?

Fred Schultz’s tiny house, that’s what. Schultz, an American who moved to Australia in 2001, his wife Shannon and their baby daughter Olina are part of a growing global movement of “tiny housers”: people who trade space for simplicity by opting out of the increasingly unaffordable — and some believe ethically unsustainable — “big house” ownership ideal and downsize dramatically to create their mini home, often within wilderness or rural settings, and always within teeny-weeny floor spaces.

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  1. Anon says:

    looks nice. I notice he has solar panels there too. well, why not take advantage of free solar in Australia…grin.

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