11 Years in 84 Square Feet: What Tiny Living Taught Dee Williams


It’s been 11 years since Dee Williams settled her newly-built house onto an expansive backyard shared between two other homes in Olympia, Washington. The communal arrangement allows her to watch the neighbor’s children play, help out nearby residents with projects and spend time with friends Hugh O’Neill and Annie McManus, who own the land.

The home has been specifically designed for her, and was even outfitted with solar power. It is also 84 square feet. (Williams sleeps in a loft above a living room the size of a large rug.)

“I used to have a big house, a three-bedroom down in Portland, Oregon,” she said. “I was pretty good friends with my neighbors, but there’s something different about when you step out the door and you’re sharing space. My garden is our garden. I love that, that little difference of what it’s like.”


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