Seattle Has Tiny Houses for Homeless

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A new tiny house village for the homeless opens this week in Seattle. City leaders are also considering an urban RV park for homeless residents who park their motor homes on Seattle streets. Volunteers organizing the tiny house project on Union Street in the Central District say it’s needed to help reduce the number of tents and illegal campsites all over the city.


2 Responses to Seattle Has Tiny Houses for Homeless

  1. I am glad to see that cities are finally getting people off the streets and out of the elements… the tiny home movement has created opportunities to change the way we think of homeless “services”… and the idea that the homeless need to suffer in order to change. The real issue is stability… and I think small home ownership is the better option… permanence, security, the ability to build a network that doesn’t change every time you lose your housing.

  2. i think “i build my tiny house” project will be more warm for the homeless soul.

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