Artist's Tiny Home in the Woods


Cathy Johnson was also featured in Tiny Homes.

When Cathy Johnson decided in the 1980s that she needed a quiet retreat, she got to work building a 224-square-foot cabin with her own hands and a little help from a carpenter. Her tiny cabin in the woods sits on 18 acres about 30 miles outside her home in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, outside of Kansas City. “I wanted privacy and this is a perfect spot,” Cathy says.…

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  1. A nice surprise to see my cabin here! Lloyd has featured it in his book, Tiny Homes, as well.

  2. Anon says:

    it looks/sounds pretty much perfect. I would so love something similar. the idea of a retreat, second home, not too far from “home. the wrap around deck. the 30 acres of privacy…All good.

    had a look at the link, but there are not more a link to her facebook, but I am not on facebook.

    would be interested to see pics of inside/surrounding grounds, if possible.

    • MJ Stark says:

      There is a link in that article to a gallery with more photos but for some reason I can only get one to load up. May be just my connection but reading the captions, there are interior shots.

    • Jeffrey Patterson says:

      I just went elsewhere on the site and was able to get all 6 photos to download.

  3. Steve Deen says:

    Lovely — for many reasons. Please, is it possible for U to put a simple floor on this site, so that interested readers like me can see how the interior space is laid out? Also, is that an outhouse photo I see…. an old-fashioned outhouse for the traditional purpose?
    Many thanks,
    Stephan of Arkansas

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