Aunt Lillie's House

Dear Lloyd,

I just want to send you a quick email to let you know that my book came and to thank you so much for including me amongst so many amazing and beautiful homes! I’m really not worthy. The book is beautiful, I love the section on small homes in towns and cities everywhere. It’s true, every town has some small homes, especially if there was a mill. We have lots of old mill towns here in Georgia and near the old mill will be some of the most beautiful small homes. In Atlanta there’s a place called Cabbage Town, where they took the old mill homes and neighborhood and revitalized it. The downside to this is gentrification. I’d like to see or work to achieve revitalization without gentrification. But it’s up to all of us to take care of our things and make the most of what we have.

A lot has changed on my little light homestead since I wrote to you. We added a deck on the back to give us more living space. I took a permaculture class with OSU and it really was everything I was looking for and life-changing. The soil is finally becoming restored and viable and I’m getting more veggies and better quality. I also just bought seven baby chickens! We are lucky that we don’t have any debt an though at times I feel the house is too small. Maybe we were smart to buy a small home on some land. It’s not always bliss, but with spring comes new inspiration and energy. So I’m riding that wave right now.

I’ve decided to focus on establishing a market garden so I can sell at the local market and meet other like minded people. I’m hoping to have the first permaculture farm in the county. We’ll see. Dream big, start small.

I love all your books. They give me so many ideas — of fun things to imagine when I can’t sleep.

My grandma is just so excited about my house being in the book, so is my mom. But my grandma just loves hearing about my little farm and when I’m up to.

I’m still researching this property since it goes back to 1810 and was originally 200-acre plots which you can see on an old map. It only traded hands four times: from Long-Mallory, to Ivy, to Best, to Etheridge/Krone (my last name is really Krone). But everyone who lived here has been into some form of horticulture. There’s a small graveyard off my barn with five graves of the Long-Mallory family. Sprawling out from the gave yard is periwinkle, in the graveyard are hundreds of old flower pots from the Ivie’s and my property is full of the invasive Bradford pears they must have tried to propagate and sell. Interesting. I love all the mysteries and treasures I dig up while gardening: old pottery, broken glass, wrought iron nails, marbles.

Anyway, I really just wanted to thank you for having my little house in your book. And to tell you how beautiful the book is!

–Suzy Krone

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