Bauwagen Chicken Coop

Bauwagen chicken coop

DSC02043Hi, Lloyd,

I just wanted to let you know that your work is, probably unbeknownst to you, having a significant impact here in the boondocks of Central Europe. At least as far a I am concerned. Builders of the Pacific Coast is a real gem which I will put to good use when building my own home in the coming years. I recently finished converting an old Bauwagen (a temporary, moveable shelter for construction crews) into a chicken coop.

On account of various time constraints (caused, among other things, by the birth of our baby daughter) the whole thing had to be built somewhat on the fly and the end result is a bit more austere than intended. Still, I hope I managed to do a bit of justice to those NorCal aesthetics that I`m so partial to. If only in the decoration.

Also attached is a picture of what is probably the only road sign worldwide that indicates the way to Bolinas. It stands on my property and has hitherto escaped the saboteurs.

Best from Austria,


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