Beautifully Built Corrugated Steel Retreat in North Carolina

…I’ve never seen corrugated steel used in house building in the United States. You only ever see it on old cowsheds and chicken houses and those are becoming things of the past, given today’s ultra-modern farm facilities. So it was definitely New Zealand where we realised wrinkly tin could be used on a house. To me, it’s a contradiction. It’s the most utilitarian and inexpensive material but it’s also very bright and shiny and reflects the sun… we chose corrugated tin and a wood frame because many rural buildings often appear rather beautiful. They can be extremely well proportioned, monumental yet modest, and timeless. And yet they were designed without architects…

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2 Responses to Beautifully Built Corrugated Steel Retreat in North Carolina

  1. Hope Henry says:

    I like the look…more retro for our area…Texans used corrugated metal for homes in the past…my Daddy was born in a dogtrot style home…it has since been modernized and the dogtrot closed in…shotguns don’t fire bullets…the houses were seldom wider than 10-12 feet, and so tiny that, if you opened the front and back doors, the shot would pass clean through before it scattered.

  2. La Tanya says:

    This very nice! I love the contrast of wood and metal, can you provide more info specifically how you built this tiny retreat?

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