Bluegrass Musician Builds Dream Tiny House

Lauren and her adorable pup Skippy live in a tiny house in the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado, and it is just their size. As a bluegrass musician who spent years traveling, she realized the power of living tiny because she often only carried with her a suitcase. Wanting to de-clutter her life and live more simply, she went about creating the tiny house of her dreams…

5 Responses to Bluegrass Musician Builds Dream Tiny House

  1. When I started half watching this video, I recognized Lauren’s voice and zeroed in. I love the Railsplitters. I love that she has a tiny house in Colorado. I do too Lauren. Hope to see you again in Durango or Pagosa.

  2. Martin says:

    Don’t think those straps will help much in a really high wind – but before that happens, the place will likely burn down unles some sheilding is put around the woodstove. Just sayin’….

    • Peter says:

      I don’t think that it’s a real wood stove. It looks more like one of those electric imitations. Not very nice, but better than burning your house down!

      • Martin says:

        Took another look & I think you’re right – there doesn’t seem to be a chimney above the ‘stove’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ¿So she owns the land too? Or is a public place?

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