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Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for all the awesome publications. I think I have them all, except your latest. I got a Facebook friend suggestion because I’m an old friend of Bill and Athena’s. I used to live in an old Cortez motorhome for years and drove all over the west to help build straw bale buildings, a couple there in Marin.

I’ve lived in my latest motorhome for 5 years now. The wall are insulated with straw and reeds, which will soon be earth-plastered. It will also have a solar-heated radiant floor. It’s has a completely shielded and isolated electrical system to eliminate EMFs.

I’m also in the process of completely reconstructing a single wide trailer using my new straw wall system that I’m hoping will be easy for anyone to reproduce. It will be extremely fire-resistant, inexpensive to build and have a higher R value than most “tiny homes.”

Here’s a few photos of my current home. It’s a Ford CF 7000 with a 20 ft. aluminum box I’ve altered a bit.

IMG_0045 This was my first mobile home, '73, .... I think ?

Now you can see why I’ve loved all your books. Thanks for all the inspiration!

I’ll share photos and info. when my new sustainable tiny home is manifested.

Take care,
–Bob McKinney

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  1. Beautifully done interior! Perhaps one day I’ll feel brave enough to tackle a re-do of mine :) Thanks Lloyd and Bob.

  2. Mike W says:

    the vehicle pic is an older IH metro step van.. Can you post a pic of the Ford CF 7000 with a 20 ft. aluminum box you mentioned ( and I assume the inside shots are that rig)


  3. tracy vega says:

    I’m in the design stages of a tiny home on wheels, would love to use interior finish of plaster walls. How can I get more info about the straw/reed insulation for walls and subsequent plastering?

  4. maria says:

    I’m interested in hearing how the straw invention turns out, i had thought of covering the walls of an old gutted trailer with cob .


  5. Mike W says:

    maybe he doesn’t read this blog :/

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