Box O' Quackers - 1956 Airstream Trailer

Ducks bus

Photo by Steve Walser

1951 GMC bus that pulls a 1956 Airstream Trailer, used as a tailgate party bus for Oregon Ducks fans.

The bus originally hauled Idaho schoolkids, then Oregon Boy Scouts, then was used on a strawberry farm. Now a tailgating venue, the bus’s history stays alive, filled as it is with tailgaters who not only are students of the game and loyal to their team, but enjoy nothing better than the sweet smell of victory.

2 Responses to Box O' Quackers - 1956 Airstream Trailer

  1. Melissa Elley says:

    <3 Beyond AWESOME !!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely fabulous…from 3 generations of Ducks..I say, again, absolutely fabulous!

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