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Snowboarder Austin Smith's Firetruck Turned Home on Wheels

At the beginning of the winter Austin Smith made a bit of a departure from his standard season. After somewhat unexpectedly coming to own a retired fire truck turned mobile home, Austin decided to squat in the Mt. Bachelor parking lot for a month-and-a-half. Rather than chase storms all over the planet, he chose to hang at his home resort. And ride every day.

“I knew I’d enjoy it, but I didn’t know I’d love it this much,” says Austin. “I’m really digging it.”

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Couple Travels with Off-Grid School Bus

The growth of the tiny house movement in recent years has reignited interest in the idea of living a simpler lifestyle. It has also revived enthusiasm for small spaces of all kinds — a soothing antidote to the wretched excess of the McMansion era. Beyond building lovely tiny houses, some are also renovating school buses into stylish homes on wheels. It’s hardly a new thing, but one major advantage that school bus-based tiny homes have over “conventional” tiny homes is that they are much more mobile — and also much cheaper than a high-end tiny house.

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School Bus Conversion for Family of Five

Like their modified van cousins and the adventurous notion of “van life”, modern bus conversions for full-time living are now emerging as a thing. Of course, they’ve already been around for a while, but thanks to the Internet, stylish and affordable DIY bus conversions are now entering mainstream consciousness as yet another tiny-house-on-wheels alternative. Best of all, these modern bus dwellings aren’t just for single individuals or couples, they can also suit families that are looking for a debt-free place to call home.

That’s the case with the Sullivans, a family of five from Washington state that recently moved into a 40-foot-long bus they lovingly call “Big Bertha”.…

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Georgia Couple Converts School Bus into Tiny House

Georgia natives Andrew and Julie Puckett always knew the picket-fenced five-bedroom house wasn’t for them. Now, they live in less than 200 square feet. More specifically, their less-than-200-square-feet is inside a custom-renovated 1990 Blue Bird bus, parked in a state park just outside the city.


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Roll Your Own: The Complete Guide to Living in a Truck, Bus, Van or Camper (1974)


Nels Norene was featured in Tiny Homes on the Move. He wrote:

Hi guys,

I found this aged photocopy while going through a box of files from years past. It was tucked in with folders of research notes, press releases, rough drafts and galleys of articles for various publications and several rejected or killed stories that I’d had vague hopes of placing in other print media; all this from the days before the Internet. Everything looked so crisp and quaint, especially the neatly typed articles on 20 lb. bonded stationery.
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Update on Lucas Sweeten's Schoolbus Home

Lucas’ bus was featured on pp. 70-71 of Tiny Homes on the Move. Here’s the latest:

April 3, 2015

Hey Hey there Lloyd, I wanted to give you an update on the bus. Also, I really appreciated you working with me for the timeline and putting my bus in your book.… So, for the update: I’ll attach a few pictures of the bus. Naturally, it’s not finished. It most likely will never be, but as we know that is the joy of a custom mobile life.

Since the past pictures I’ve rebuilt most of the interior using wood I’ve cut, milled, stacked and dried (all done a few years back), or wood that I’ve salvaged. There’s a 400-watt solar system, 12v lighting, converted freezer to fridge (not in the pics), deck on top, pull-behind trailer/porch, and concrete shower. The floors are plumbed with radiant heat pex tubing.  I have a thermal solar panel, although it’s not installed yet. The greywater tank is in, and finally some curtains are being hung.

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Couple Transforms Big Yellow School Bus into a Seriously Cozy Home

Converted school bus

…after nearly four years working on this project with her husband Jeremy, they have one of the most impressive little homes around. It all started with a 1989 International school bus they purchased in 2011. At 37 feet long, it offers plenty of space, and with all the modifications they made, they can officially call it a home. Their efforts resulted in the work of art you see below, which made its debut last October…

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Box O' Quackers - 1956 Airstream Trailer

Ducks bus

Photo by Steve Walser

1951 GMC bus that pulls a 1956 Airstream Trailer, used as a tailgate party bus for Oregon Ducks fans.

The bus originally hauled Idaho schoolkids, then Oregon Boy Scouts, then was used on a strawberry farm. Now a tailgating venue, the bus’s history stays alive, filled as it is with tailgaters who not only are students of the game and loyal to their team, but enjoy nothing better than the sweet smell of victory. Read More …

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