Colorado Woman Quits Desk Job to Become Farmer

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Photo by Kellie Pettyjohn via The Cortez Journal

Working as an international conservationist, Kellie Pettyjohn routinely found herself daydreaming.

Not about garbage patches of plastic debris floating in oceans or the number of animal species threatened by deforestation, but instead, of farming.

“After working in a cubicle and writing reports, my soul was dying,” she said.

Originally from Virginia, Pettyjohn studied journalism, anthropology and geography in college. She didn’t have any type of agricultural background before dropping her dream job for greener pastures in Montezuma County. In 2010, she moved to Mancos to volunteer on a working farm.

“I never left,” she said.

The next year, Pettyjohn secured a lease to turn a nearby barren pasture into her own field of dreams. Owner and operator of The Wily Carrot Farm, an organic certified naturally grown garden, she purchased the 2-acre property earlier this year.

“I thought it would be better to be poor, dirty and happy playing in the soil,” she said.……

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