Cool DIY Woodworking Bench How-To


The most important tool in any shop doesn’t have a motor, a battery or a cutting edge, and it has remained largely unchanged for centuries. A traditional woodworking bench, at its most elaborate, was a virtual showpiece, bristling with vises, bench dogs and holddown clamps. And it was planed dead true to act as a standard for the craftsman to follow. Our rough-and-ready work surface visually recalls one of these classic double-trestle benches, but it’s a far simpler affair. The bench goes together with ordinary construction lumber, lagscrews, dowels and a top assembled from 1 × 2’s joined with threaded rod. It’s designed to be a sturdy and unpretentious partner to capably support years of projects.

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  1. brent says:

    looks very serviceable for a compact shop. i’d countersink the screws alone the bench edge to prevent snagging skin, cloth, & steel.

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