Corey and Melissa's Home on Wheels

house on wheels

Hi Lloyd,

Great to hear from you again!

We recently got a copy of your new book and really enjoyed it. Especially the section on Godfrey Stephens. We now live in Washington state on Marrowstone Island near Port Townsend while Corey attends the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. Building and living in the house has been awesome.

The little wood stove was great during the winter! We’ve really made it our home over the last couple years, slowly making small changes as needed (i.e. drop-leaf table, more storage/shelving). We also added a 10 × 12 shed off the side of the house.

tiny house on wheels tiny house on wheels

We now have the house for sale as we would love to move onto a sailboat. Feel free to share our information to anyone who may be in the market. Contact us at: Thanks for the interest. Your books are a real inspiration.

Corey and Melissa

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