Couple Transforms Big Yellow School Bus into a Seriously Cozy Home

Converted school bus

…after nearly four years working on this project with her husband Jeremy, they have one of the most impressive little homes around. It all started with a 1989 International school bus they purchased in 2011. At 37 feet long, it offers plenty of space, and with all the modifications they made, they can officially call it a home. Their efforts resulted in the work of art you see below, which made its debut last October…

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7 Responses to Couple Transforms Big Yellow School Bus into a Seriously Cozy Home

  1. katee.korn says:

    really love your home, is there a shower?

    • Robyn says:

      I believe the shower is directly behind the drivers seat on the bus. I discovered this from going to the first link and I believe that there is a shower curtain on the right across from the commode.

  2. This seriously cozy home is seriously amazing! Really love what they have done here.

  3. Hope they can keep those tires from dry rotting. A blowout can definitely cause a tilt in their home.

  4. eydie & eddie says:

    I love this!! this is what we R looking 4. How do we begin? We R leaving OHIO in spring. going west… not sure, but southwest Colorado. A dry area, but near some water for growing own food. Do U have any suggestions for beginners? Please share any knowledge U can. Thanks!!

    • Peter Dias says:

      Hello there !
      We just came about your comments – there are a lot of tips we can go over, as well as supplying you with what you need in terms of structure, we’re licensed GC’s and BIG on Affordable Quality / Logical Practicality of TINY !! :) :)

      You can reach us at (786) 505-8325


  5. Art says:

    Eydie & Eddie, check out, it’s all about the nitty-gritty details of converting school buses

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