Cumberland Log Cabin Kit from $16,350


The Cumberland log cabin kit is very unique with 2 reverse gables and center porch. This great design allows for 2 lofts located at each end. The Cumberland is great for those wanting separate lofts. Our log cabin kits feature open floor plans and do not include interior walls, insulation, kitchen, bathroom, electric and dormers. Most of these items are available for purchase as options — please contact us to request a quote. Want extra height? You can add logs to your cabin kit. You can get just enough to make extra head room beneath the loft or enough logs to make stand up lofts!

Sent by Rick Gordon

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  1. Errr…Ummm….??

    Actually the one in this photo is not a “log cabin” it is a 14’x 42′, modular foam and wood structure with “faux log siding” and it costs $42,000…They do have less expensive “pre fabs.” Company is from Kentucky…and can be found at (

    These do seem to be solidly built, but are neither traditional nor a “natural homes” and the “carbon footprint” of these buildings are not small or better than what a DIYer with effort can build with local natural resources for themselves…

    • Evan Kahn says:

      Thank’s for the input Jay C. White Cloud, I see your points, but I also realize that this type of setup might be perfect for a new landowner wanting to put up something relatively fast and at a pretty reasonable price. I spent some summers working in PA near amish farms, so I fully understand that they are not traditional amish cabins.

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