Eco-Friendly Painting


The Eco-Friendly Resource Guide is designed to share with you some of the history of eco-friendly paint as well as paint’s impact on health and the environment. The final chapters will present information on eco-friendly brands and accessories.

Hey Shelter Publications,

I just wanted to send you a quick email on behalf of some of the children I volunteer with at the Family Nature Club here in Utah. We’ve been reviewing some resources on the Internet for our science projects and came across your page Tiny Homes Links and found it extremely helpful!

As a thank you, a couple of the kids wanted to send you back another page they found about eco-friendly wall painting that they thought you might want to add to your site because it could help you and your visitors as well

They’ve actually been using it as much as your page to complete their project and thought it would be exciting to see it up on the same page as where they got the information from your site that helped them so much. I even offered Jenny, the student that presented it to me, extra credit if you wanted to help us!

Would you be able to consider adding it for them? I would love to surprise them by showing them it on the site before they finish their project. They would be so excited!

–Thanks again,
Lillian Phillips

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