Elegant Ford Transit Camper Van Motorhome

Ford Transit Camper Motorhome
We came across this camper van for sale on eBay (sold), truly one-of-a-kind exquisite craftsmanship.

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This has to be the best camper van that I’ve owned. Originally I planned on keeping this one and using it as a show piece. It is the culmination of several camper conversions and I have spared no expense and poured huge amounts of time and effort into it. But times change and I find myself putting it up for sale.

I bought it a couple of years ago after a lot of research into different makes and models, and finding out that BT have an outstanding record for looking after their vehicles. It has a fiberglass body which will not rot, and even if the cab eventually lets it down the body can be removed and put on another rolling chassis.


I like the box size on this camper van as it gives enough room to sleep across it width ways, making it a very usable space.

Before I start a conversion I sit in the back for a couple of days with a tape measure and pencil and paper and work out to the last centimetre where everything goes. (I didn’t do this with the first one I converted and learnt my lesson!) It also helps with the wiring which has to be the first thing in place and the last thing finished.

I have stayed in this van in all weathers and seasons. There is something magical about listening to the rain hammering down outside while your warm and cozy in front of the wood burner. And whilst I will be very sorry to see it go I know it will bring a huge amount of pleasure to the new owners.

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There is a 12v lighting system in place. The electric cupboard is conveniently situated in the kitchen with a point for charging phones and laptops etc. The lights are brass, set in pinewood casings, and situated in all four corners of the van to give maximum coverage of light.

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The curved wood counter in this kitchen make it stylish and elegant, with the darker wood of the counter and lockers contrasting beautifully with the pine clad walls and trim.

There is plenty of natural light from the windows and double-skinned translucent glass fibre ceiling. At night there is an ambient 12v light.

The kitchen is fitted with overhead storage lockers, and large cupboards below. Under the counter features the hob and butler sink, and two draws for cutlery etc. The cupboards below are designed to fit a 5gl water butt and cooler box. (The cupboard is fitted with a 12v power point to this effect.)

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I found this woodburner several years ago when I was converting another van, but I was outbid on it at the last second on eBay, So when I started looking on eBay for a burner for this van and this back on the auction site I jumped at it. It is an old French burner under the name salicif and it makes a beautiful feature to this van.

The surround is lined with a fire-proof material called firewall (the white and pink layer in the photo) with a skin of aluminium on the outside (chosen for it’s poor conductive quality) to make the entire area as safe as possible. (There is also an emergency exit at the rear of the vehicle.)

I have used this burner in this vehicle many times and it makes trips away in the winter a luxury.

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The green man table is a special feature. It folds up against the wall, and the carved leg folds flat against it to create a framed picture. Once down the green man is revealed. The effect is done by taking a poster and varnishing it several times, you then soak it and peel the paper off the back forming a transfer.

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“WELCOME FRIENDS, ONLY LOVE MAY ENTER” reads the runic inscription around the door. The door itself is a keyhole stable door. It is made from laminated plywood to give it strength and looks amazing to when it’s carved like this to create layers. It is finished with several coats of yacht varnish to give it protection from the weather.

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I’ve kept the outside of the van as near to original as I can, so when parked in the street it gives the impression of being a standard van. The backdoors then open right up so when parked at a festival or campsite it gives you a beautiful aspect to come home to.


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    Love & want one !!!

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    Beautiful…would love to have it, grin.

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    That’s a pretty impressive camper, how much did you spend for that?

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