Family of Four in 540 sq. ft. Small Home

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Interior designer Jessica Helgerson and her family had every intention of spending only a few nights in their new summer home. But the weekend turned into a few weeks, and up until this day, the Helgersons can’t bring themselves to leave. “We came over on the weekend of my birthday and never left,” says Helgerson…”

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  1. MJ says:

    And why would they leave? This looks wonderful.

  2. Abbie says:

    So cute, we’re in 370 sq feet now I think 540 would be a bit better though

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this and I think it is beautiful, but I also feel like everyone in the family has to be on board. I am not a minimalist, but I am very good at keeping my clutter down. My husband and children are not. If we lived in a space this small it would be a constant battle to keep their clutter at bay. I also feel like a space this small makes it difficult to have hobbies. I have many fiber hobbies, knitting, spinning, weaving, dying, sewing. All that takes stuff and space to store stuff. I’m not sure how to do that in 540 square feet. Right now we are in 1,000 square feet and we are still trying to make that work while giving everyone a space to call their own.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. helenhikes says:

    I’m completely in love with the small house movement! Small is where it’s at and I’m proud to say that as an owner/inhabitant of a tiny 17th century farmhouse (made of two tiny, tiny houses joined together) I’m a part of it. Blog on!

  6. Anonymous says:

    for the crafter. One tiny house to live in and another tiny house as a workshop/studio and it still would be efficient, orderly (maybe) and provide the privacy needed sometimes for creative work.

  7. katee.korn says:


  8. Jenn says:

    This “article” was super-annoying when it was posted on the Tiny House Blog, and it’s just as annoying when you go – as they suggest – to – there is no “story” that goes with this, it’s basically a short description and 2 photos. That’s not an article by anyone’s standards.

  9. Debbie says:

    I not only saw an article about the family and their home, but several photos of the whole house. Maybe you should look again.

  10. Marge Turnland says:

    I started watching tiny houses and for every one I have seen, makes me want to have a tiny house but my finances are where I can’t. I just dream more

  11. So pretty, serene and tasteful! Job we’ll done!

  12. C ROGER CARROLL says:


  13. This is my favorite small space housing.

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