Foot-Powered Washing Machine Available for Purchase

yirego_drumi_washerThe Drumi is designed for campers, students, off-gridders or anyone else who would rather use their foot to power their wash loads than electricity. At only 22 inches tall, the Drumi can handle 6 or 7 individual garments (about 5 lbs of clothes) at once, but only one pair of jeans. (If you’ve ever hand-washed a pair of jeans, this makes perfect sense to you.) Ideal for delicate items or baby clothes, the Drumi uses only five liters or just over a gallon of water to clean a load of clothes.

2 Responses to Foot-Powered Washing Machine Available for Purchase

  1. Anon says:

    Wonder what it costs?

    Have seen quite a variety of these type of “gadgets” (yes, I consider them gadgets), and this as others seems to me to be pretty much a
    Rube Goldberg Machine.

    It is “ideal for delicate items or baby clothes”
    all of which can easily and quickly be hand washed with minimal water, minimal soap, small containers/buckets/sink/bowl.

    As for jeans…well maybe it would do a better job/maybe not (and at what cost?). I seem to recall many young adults without washing machines, putting their jeans on the shower floor, and giving them a good stomping, then rinsing under shower and hanging to dry.

  2. MJ says:

    Having washed clothes by hand a lot, I don’t think a load of baby clothes can be done with one gallon of water very easily. Living by myself off grid, I’ve been waiting for one of these to come onto the US market. The price is pretty steep, so I’ll wait a bit and see some reviews. If it works well, I’m in!

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