Free Farm Land in Ontario, Canada

If you love animals, are prepared to work hard and long for the bucolic lifestyle, Stephen Overbury has a proposition for you.

Overbury is looking for someone to take over his farm near Smiths Falls, Ont., as he prepares to return to Japan, where he had lived for about 15 years.

But instead of selling it or renting it out, the 62-year-old is offering it up to the right person, in perpetuity — and it won’t cost a dime to take it over.

“[Selling] is conventional thinking, the prudent way of thinking about yourself and what’s best for yourself,” Overbury told CBC News on Friday.

“By selling the farm, first I’d have to dispose of the animals. And a number of them are older, and a few are special-needs. And that’s what I call reckless abandonment.”

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  1. daniel sabourin says:
  2. Annastasia says:

    I will be delighted to grab this opportunity. I am a married with three children. I just completed my masters but I have being raring animal as a child. or 6475574056. Thank you in advance.

  3. Beautiful. I admire your compassion for the animals.

  4. Michelle haynes says:

    Im interested however i would like to know more about the animals i know they are elderly and some have special needs can you tell me more about them i love the fact that you named them they are more like family as well as the organic part i dont have much experience with runnimg a farm bit my husbamd was raised on one i never thougjt i would be interested in living on the farm because of the killing this sitution is somethimg i feel we would be very happy doing we both love animals however where we lived i cannot have one i have children but they are all grown and out of the house and im a young grandmother of 43 my grand children would love to meet the animals. Even if we are not choosen ihave been a personal support worker for years and have looked after the elderly as well as special needs children and i have a a complex care grandson it would be interesting caring for animals in a safe heaven i really hope you find the right person or people to take on the responsibity with compassion for the animal oh one more question would you like updates on how the animals are doing i know i would you can cantact me at 343 333 1339 best of luck

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