Fresh Food in Detroit Gas Station Convenience Stores

If I were a young person nowadays, wanting to settle down and create my own shelter, I might not seek the ever-more difficult-to-find sylvan homestead in the countryside, but take a good look at Detroit (or other cities), with its thousands of abandoned, fix-up-able houses and ventures such as this one:


If you’re on the hunt for a fresh, ready-to-eat meal in Detroit, the best place to find it just might surprise you. Take the Sunoco station on Fort Street or the Victory Liquor and Food store on Warren Avenue. Amidst the Hot Cheetos and snack-sized Chips Ahoy cookies, you’ll find a cooler stocked with everything from fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits and spicy feta and hummus wraps to Thai chicken salads made with fresh, green lettuce — not the wilted iceberg you might expect.

The company behind the food might not be what you’d expect either. Fresh Corner Cafe (FCC) is a mission-driven food and delivery service with the goal of making healthy food accessible to all Detroiters. To do this, they’ve turned to a most unlikely distribution center — neighborhood convenience stores…

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