From Harvard Innovation Lab: A Startup to Help Take Tiny Houses Mainstream


Tiny houses occupy a curious position in our cultural consciousness. They’re a cottage industry, but are also a full-fledged lifestyle movement with devotees and fans spanning the entire globe. But even though they command a freak fascination that’s borderline obsessive for some, most people still think of them as curious, not viable living situations. A startup called Getaway wants to make that lifestyle less of an aspiration and more of a reality.

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4 Responses to From Harvard Innovation Lab: A Startup to Help Take Tiny Houses Mainstream

  1. KB says:

    Do try to resist posting links to sites that are advertising sink holes.

  2. M Lutke says:

    Zoning & building codes need to change to accommodate tiny house living. We are FT RV’ers and would love a tiny home, but zoning laws in CA require a minimum of 1000-1200 sq ft in most cities and only RV parks allow them. RV parks in coastal areas of CA charge 900-2500.00/mo for rent space. I’m looking forward to the Tiny House Village opening up in No. California, but we need more changes to make tiny house living really viable options. If you’re lucky enough to know someone with land that allows you to park your tiny house…that’s great. But not the reality for the majority.

    • BusTer says:

      I tend to agree with you M Lutke despite living in Northern Alberta Canada. I cannot live in an RV year round as the winters aren’t conducive to such living, but a tiny home is definitely feasible. I’ve been living in my RV since late March and have been loving every moment of it. I dread the thought of looking for a place to rent for the winter.
      I have been fortunate enough to have somewhere to park my RV with little to no cost. RV parks are costly… they run about the same as you posted, from what I’ve found.

      I too am looking forward to tiny house communities popping up and being a more realistic option.

  3. t&family says:

    Considering that my family and I mostly live outdoors( in a tent) 4 seasons out of the year and seldomly only sometimes get the opportunity to sleep indoors a few days out of each season. .we’re all about the Tiny House Movement….but unfortunately being poor costs alot of money, which obviously we have none…so our tent is our version of the ORIGINAL TINY HOUSE and we like to think this is our contribution of keeping the movement going!!

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