Full Moon Tiny Shelters



What do we do?

We build tiny shelters. By tiny we mean buildings under 200 sq. ft. These can be on trailers so that they are completely mobile or simply small enough to be delivered to a prepared site. They can be used for whatever you can imagine, from a home, to an office, to a yoga studio, to a boat house.

Why do we do it?

http-__fullmoontinyshelters.com_about_Because we believe that size is not everything and that tiny is beautiful. We do it so that some people can have a space they have always dreamed of. We do it so that other people can have a place to live. We do it because the world needs options. The world needs simplicity and beauty and anything that is executed to the highest standard. We do it because sometimes less is more.

Interview with Full Moon Tiny Shelters builders on Treehugger.

Full Moon website: www.fullmoontinyshelters.com

3 Responses to Full Moon Tiny Shelters

  1. Brenda says:

    Do they have a bathroom?

  2. Chris hemsworth says:

    Show me more of the layout

  3. Patt says:

    Yes, I agree please show us the interior and costs. Moon Shelter because of the celestial roof line?

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