Georgia Couple Converts School Bus into Tiny House

Georgia natives Andrew and Julie Puckett always knew the picket-fenced five-bedroom house wasn’t for them. Now, they live in less than 200 square feet. More specifically, their less-than-200-square-feet is inside a custom-renovated 1990 Blue Bird bus, parked in a state park just outside the city.


3 Responses to Georgia Couple Converts School Bus into Tiny House

  1. It’s possible to park long term inside of a state park?

    • Evan Kahn says:

      I am sure that whatever parks you are interested in staying in have information on that, I would assume that the parks will let you stay as long as you are paying some sort of camping fee.

  2. Kathleen Derrick says:

    Georgia Parks only allow 2 weeks at a time last I tried camping. My family and I would move to different parks all summer. It was fun for us and my girls. They didn’t get bored since we moved and they got to meet new people every 2 weeks.

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