Government's HUD Rule Prohibits Use of a Tiny House as Your Primary Residence


A proposed rule by the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) on February 9, 2016, threatens “full-time RV’ers,” and further stymies those seeking to build their tiny house as a street legal home. Tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are increasingly adopting the term Recreational Vehicle (RV) for house-like structures on trailers. Whether self-built, professionally constructed, or among many pre-manufactured models, tiny houses are too cute to ignore, and have become increasingly larger blips on legal radar screens.

Regardless of how hard their owners try to live “under the radar” in their little trailer-based homes, many tiny house homeowners face a new challenge…

From Rick Gordon

4 Responses to Government's HUD Rule Prohibits Use of a Tiny House as Your Primary Residence

  1. deb says:

    Well we all know this is coming from lobbist on by half of ,realistate association and the banking world , construction, goverment all take big cuts in they profits when people take the inniative to take themselves out of debt and use there own power to make their lives better. Think people no morgage, no permits, years of no property house taxes,no getting someone to build you a house bigger then you need , no one to permit and build you a sewage system,, no electrical hook up so no money going to electric company because alot of tiny homes ,fulltime rvers are going solar, no hookups to town water so no water bill, etc. If you start thinking about it there is so much advantage to living tiny for each person and so many reasons for goverment , and industry to fight against it .

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is ridiculous. The government again oversteps their powers! They want us in debt & attached to them!

  3. Mindy S says:

    Someone needs to sue the government this time. What about tiny house owners rights? I tell you, I do not know a more greedy and ruthless government right now.

  4. Open your eyes, it’s the lobbyists for the manufactured homes driving the new HUD rules. The government is taking advice from a profit driven private source because Tiny Home owners, especially DIYers, threaten their bottom line. Why are you so quick to blame the government for ‘overreaching’ when it’s greedy companies again trying to push the little guys out?

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