Gypsy Wagon in the Woods

Nestled on the contoured 3.5 acres of a BC cedar forest, this vardo is an exquisitely designed 160 sq. ft. of artistic living spaceŠ.

ŠThe 8′ wide × 20′ long caravan, or vardo, has been parked in this particular beautiful forest for a few years, but it’s utterly moveable by a truck or tractor because it has wheels. It’s built on a salvaged 5-ton truck chassis that cost $100, purchased from the local wrecking yard. The floor joists for the house are nailed to fir beams that are bolted to the metal frame. There are regular 2 × 4 framed walls sitting on top of the floor joists and the whole structure is crowned with curve-cut roof rafters.…

From Inhabitat.

3 Responses to Gypsy Wagon in the Woods

  1. gertie says:

    wish there were more detailed pics of inside.

  2. fngrpntr says:

    yes! more please!!!

  3. fngrpntr says:

    Oh—I just realized that if you follow the “inhabitat” link, you’ll find an article full of pics. Lovely!

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