Handmade Ford Transit Camper


My wife Helen has always thought the little Ford Transit vans are so cute that she’s always wanted one. Then yesterday at Natural Bridges, we got a real treat when we met Robin, an intrepid traveler who has converted one into one of the most remarkable campers I have seen. Every square inch is thought out and put to use.

Part of the charm is that she isn’t a carpenter and doesn’t use normal ways of putting things together; she relies heavily on Simpson ties.

These pictures don’t go halfway far enough in showing the ingenuity, effort and imagination of this vehicle.

She has driven it to Alaska alone, getting around 30 mpg. When backpacking, she keeps her load down to twenty lbs., so her gear consists of high-tech titanium gadgets I haven’t seen before.

She just turned 60 the day before we met her and she wants to get in all the walking she can. Anyway, it was one of those remarkable encounters one has when on the road; we talked for an hour and a half standing there in the parking lot.

–Rod Jacobsen

DSC05770.jpeg DSC05768.jpeg
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Sent by Jack Fulton

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4 Responses to Handmade Ford Transit Camper

  1. Tammy says:

    would love more info on this lady,is she on fb or does she blog??

  2. Eric says:

    Very cool! As there are a variety of sizes of the Ford Transit, it would have been great to show a size view…

  3. AVD says:

    Too bad that the Ford “Transit” form factor has disappeared and been replaced with a much less “cute looking” model that is rather “clunky”. My guess from the limited photos, it is the smallest model, which I believe was the “Transit Connect”. Along with the teardrop trailer concept, the original Transit Connect would meet all of my road-trip and outback travel needs.

    I wish I had snagged one of the original Transit Connect models at the end of their production when I saw a local Ford dealer hauling in the 2nd or 3rd load of the old model in their dealership parking lot. Someone at that dealership was really on the smart list and understood the functionality and design factors of the original design.


  4. Jill says:

    Wonderful innovation! Have a wonderful time camping!

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