Hi-tech Off-grid Dream Home in Northern California

Loren Amelang once helped code for Silicon Valley companies, but he’d always been sensitive to environment so when his employer-installed fluorescent lighting and wouldn’t let employees use their own lights, he decided to move to the country and craft his off-grid dream home.

Today he lives with “clean air, a great view, free hot water and free power, and a decent chunk of free heat.” The entire south side of his home is covered in solar capture devices: 1600 watts of photovoltaic power, solar hot water panels, a sunroom/greenhouse and a solar hot air collector. The sunroom/greenhouse provides most of the free heat via the “solar flue” that moderates it in warmer weather or circulates some of it into the house when needed, and the concrete walls that stabilize the temperature over time…

Video by Kirsten Dirksen, Fair Companies

2 Responses to Hi-tech Off-grid Dream Home in Northern California

  1. Wow, what a smart guy. I know I don’t have the technological skills to automate to that extent, but dang was that impressive.

  2. Who says:

    He didn’t want to be under fluorescent lighting but is surrounding himself with a
    TON of EMF’S all over the place. Sorry, Don’t get the logic.
    What a mess it would be if the computers crash!
    What about building codes? Or did he get any permit to build this?
    California is hot on rules and regulations for building and tends to not like all those alternative things.
    The area looks great and I do love alternative housing…but not so hot on all that tech stuff ( KISS rules)!

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