Home Care Cottages for Your Backyard

This outfit in Petaluma, California, has a wide variety of small and tiny homes on wheels. They don’t look like your standard “mobile homes,” but have a human quality (and good prices).

There is a lot of good info on their website, including such realities as building codes, local zoning, and septic systems.

A 400 sq. ft. 1-bed, 1-bath Home Care Cottage with full wheelchair access. Their backyard cottages are in the $45,000 range.

IMG_1837.96133314_largeThis unit was bought by a client in Petaluma who plans to install it on her property for her mother.

As a home care cottage, it conforms to Sonoma County regulations, and will be connected to her septic tank. After she bought the house, she asked us to do some minor remodeling to fit her needs, including repainting the exterior to match her house. One of the special things about this house is that it has full wheelchair access.

All of the doors are three feet wide, the countertops are two inches lower, there are empty spaces underneath the sink and the cooktop, there are grab bars in the bathroom…

–Stephen Marshall

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  1. Anon says:

    Nice find, Lloyd. If I lived around about there, and had the need, I would go for these folks. I looked through their site, and they have a good amount of variety, inside and out. I like their ability to get a good product done, that looks like a home, with features you can request, for such a reasonable price.

    I really like the exteriors of the two you have up above.

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