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Home Work, by Lloyd Kahn

01 04 03

Dear Shelter,

Could you please pass this link to Tiny House Swoon’s Morgan Cabin to Lloyd? I think he’d get a kick out of it.

Paula Garner

This Squamish, BC house is for sale. Here’s more information:

I am putting my cozy tiny house up for sale! This well-loved micro-dwelling has been featured in The Province, Mountain Life magazine, Squamish Chief, and Shaw TV. It has been my home for the past year, and I have been slowly adding to and modifying the house to maximize comfort and functionality. The space is extremely customizable and adaptable, and I am willing to make modifications (within reason) to suit your needs.

At 105 sq. ft. (7.5′ × 14′ footprint), the house currently includes:

  • a rain water collection system
  • 3′ × 5′ storage room (Which could be converted to a bathroom)
  • 3-way fridge (12v, 110v, and propane)
  • propane 2-burner stove
  • Solar system (2 × 250w Panels, charge controller, 2 × 6v Trojan batteries in series, 1500w inverter)
  • fully wired for 110v (and checked by electrician), and could be adapted to plug into existing circuit or generator
  • xenon pot lights in kitchen and storage area
  • track lighting in main living space
  • sleeping loft (fits queen-sized bed)
  • propane heater (although, I’ve been contemplating installing a wood stove)
  • 2 × 6 walls, fully insulated (This place is toasty.)
  • maple hardwood floor & tongue-and-groove interior paneling
  • exterior cedar siding & trim

This tiny house could function as a great studio, hunting/fishing cabin, bunkie, or even as a simple storage building.

The house is not built on a trailer, although it is still small enough to be moved on one. The price of moving the house is not included in the cost, but we can work out an arrangement depending on where it will be moved. I built a washroom on a separate trailer, but I will not be selling it with the house (I want to use the trailer for something else.) Finally, it will not be available until April this year, I am putting this add up far in advance to make the transition smooth for any potential buyers.

If you are interested in potentially buying this house, or have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me via email.

See the listing at www.kijiji.ca/v-buy-sell-other/vancouver/tiny-house-for-sale/1037959667

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