Hornby Island Caravans

Bowtop Caravan

Hi Lloyd,

I thought I’d send along a link to my latest caravan www.hornbyislandcaravans.com/#!bowtop/c1fwa.

We were inspired by traditional bowtops but decided to opt for a metal roof rather than the traditional canvas, because of this the structure isn’t done with the usual bows but rather one strong central beam and T&G the whole way around, something like a barrel. I would like to do more of a true bowtop in the near future but for this one we liked the idea of having something a bit more low maintenance and with a bit more of a modern look as well.

This is Hornby Island Caravans 9th caravan, so we’ve done eight since the first one that you were good enough to put in the Tiny Homes book. I welcome you to check out the others on my site as well.

See you on Hornby soon!

Michelle Wilson

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