House Built with Hand Tools and Local Materials in Latvia

5 Responses to House Built with Hand Tools and Local Materials in Latvia

  1. What a beautiful home! You should be very proud of everything you did! Wonderful!!!

  2. Dave Pence says:

    I tip my hat to the fine craftsmen with skills and dedication that are being lost in the United States. There are very few public school shop programs left here in Colorado and throughout our country. Rarely do we teach our sons and daughters to work with their hands in wood and stone so that they might have the satisfaction and pride that comes from the fruits of their labor. Dave, retired industrial arts and construction trades teacher, Boulder, CO (our district’s construction trades program was terminated in 2010 and the shop made into administrative offices)

  3. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing and may you live long in your beautiful home.

  4. St C says:

    Enjoyed. these folks are true craftsmen. i live in rural alaska,so appreciate use of materials from land.

  5. Marybeth Phillips says:

    Beautiful from the felling of the trees to the plastering of the upstairs rooms. Amazing craftsmanship. Very inspiring. Thank you.

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