Houseboat for Sale in Seattle

Houseboat For Sale in Seattle Houseboat For Sale in Seattle

Built in 1986 and still afloat, this 420-square-foot, 1-bedroom, 1-bath, houseboat costs $125,000 to buy. A place to put it comes with it for a few hundred dollars a month. That’s a pretty good deal with a place that’s a few paddle strokes from downtown Seattle.

Trust boatwrights to make wooden marvels. The ceiling is arched wood beams supporting wood ribs — a much better answer than flat-roofed boats considering Seattle’s weather. Built-in settees, wood-slat upholstered benches, wooden floors, and what appears to be a wooden hull, are all features that would be applauded in a Craftsman style home, all except the hull, that is.

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