HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal


Photo by Evan Kahn

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a proposed rule on the docket that would modify a current exemption in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations. As the tiny house and RV living trend grows, more people are choosing to live in alternative types of homes with less space and less overhead.

According to the proposed docket information, “questions have arisen regarding whether park model recreational vehicles are regulated by HUD’s manufactured home program.” RVs are, according to the docket, now being built with screened in porches, and other extensions. Some are marketed as suitable for year round living, and many people are doing just that.

6 Responses to HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal

  1. Anon says:

    Pure EVIL

    at the very least, the media (and much of it)
    should go around and shoot video/pics of where they live, and post these pics, and ask why
    they feel only they are entitled to homes….or why these are the only “proper” homes.

    Pure EVIL

  2. Anon says:

    I am not so sure…After all, it is likely that not everything on Snopes is 100 per cent accurate…

    I clicked through to the HUD site, and read the HUD summary, and again, not so sure.

    I do not live in a Tiny Home, but have done lots of reading/looking at them. I have the notion that many folks manage to live in them by “skirting” current extensive regulations on parking and such. One way to do so is by designating it as an RV.

    Under the new HUD regs, it seems to me this will not be possible. I just quickly read the HUD summary, but there may be more spanners in the works too…!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=0;D=HUD-2016-0013

    “HUD’s rule would require that units claiming the exemption display a notice that identifies the standards used to construct the unit and states that the unit is designed only for recreational use, and not as a primary residence or permanent dwelling.”

  3. Victoria Grandetta says:

    See just another step to empoverishing us, ie. keep giving your money to the money mongers, ie. banks etc. I live in Hud housing and its clearly about giving the rich more money NOT ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE. This is a 6 floor building and for years the elevator would break down monthly leaving people in wheel chairs and with canes on floors for hours trying to get home. The electricity is so faulty you constantly get shocked. This has been the case in two different locations Ive lived at (i.e Im disabled sr). The first place I had within 2 yrs to replace virtually every electrical item I owned, tv, toaster, pc, coffee pots, etc. So dont be fooled that HUD is about helping the poor, clearly banning tiny houses will eliminate all the many adults losing there homes and put them on the street to join the masses of homeless, right now there are 2.5 million children alone that are homeless and this is due to double in this generation. WAKE UP AMERICA. We have got to get activism going again for our kids and grandkids as clearly we are reentering the time of our forefathers, i.e. needing to escape from the poverty and enslavement the 1% would have us all living in.

  4. Carol says:

    I know everyone likes to be outraged these days, but I think the story here is not that HUD would forbid RV/tiny house housing. For one thing, that’s not their jurisdiction—-unless HUD is asked to fund this housing. I’d look into that. I’m on the board of a senior living facility subsidized by HUD (a very complex but generous program for our nonprofit) and have a sense that this is the only reason HUD would be involved. If it is at all. Which is unlikely. (FYI: Not everything on the internet is true.)

  5. jrfent says:

    I hope this is not true. I have a carpet cleaning business and some day I’d like to have my partner buy me out so that I can just nomad out for the rest of my days. I hate to think of a government having such overreach that they stop Americans from their RV/Tiny house dreams!

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