Japanese-Inspired Tiny House in Oregon

While one can build a great tiny home for a few thousand dollars, there will always tiny homes on the other end of the scale, such as this well-appointed and pretty luxurious tiny house measuring 280 square feet in Aurora, Oregon. Constructed by builder Chris Heininge, a former Christian missionary, this tiny home was inspired by Heininge’s time spent in small but well-designed Japanese dwellings. Heininge’s skills are drawn from his family; he, his father, and his two brothers all built dozens of homes in Oregon and Arizona, many of which his mother had designed.

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2 Responses to Japanese-Inspired Tiny House in Oregon

  1. Anon says:

    pricey (70,000), but nice.

    only thing I do wonder, could it not be built for much much less? (and still maintain its “nice”)

    not saying someone should make a living off of their work, but it does seem pricey.

  2. Mary Sparling says:

    I have always loved this house and it’s design, so functional for such a small space, pricy yes but you get what you pay for…just wish I could afford it…is it well insulated? as I live in a very cold climet, in NYS

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