Japanese Joinery

Japanese jointery

Submitted by Kevin Kelly. (Check out Cool Tools):

Japanese carpentry group Kobayashi Kenkou carefully demonstrates the fascinating way in which highly durable buildings are constructed with traditional methods of joining the wood with intricate cuts and interlocking plugs instead of metal nails. The fine planing and perfect fit of each interlocking piece of wood is a testament to the craftsmanship of the carpenters.


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  2. Jay C. White Cloud says:

    Working in this style for the last 30 years (on and off) has been most rewarding. These fellows have some wonderful information out there that I have been reading and following for the last 4 years. It is really great that the “web” has facilitated such a great exchange of “skill sets” among Artisan and Timberwrights…All over the globe.

  3. There is a beauty to using old construction methods mixed with modern techniques. Just this year, a Chinese company built a skyscraper like structure within a few days. this was accomplished with rebuilt parts that where constructed offsite, as to reduce the cost of labor and cut down on construction time. the technique being shown her can be implemented in the same way, that is, if measurements are taken and the various parts are made and modified before coming onsite. Imagine how much more efficient that would be.

    Eric | http://www.fox-construction.com/build-your-dream/timber-frame.html

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