The Jeep AT ActionCamper

Jeep ActionCamper

The Jeep ActionCamper has been developed for two-passenger camping. The interior is spacious and fitted with the necessary amenities to have a comfortable and unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas. The pop-up roof offers 6′8″ clearance in the kitchen area. All windows come with bug screens and blinds. The roof has a huge tinted panorama window with sliding insulation blinds and glass covered boxes for two large 120W solar panels. It has a king-sized bed, refrigerator, chemical toilet, and shower. The fiberglass camper only adds 440 pounds to the Jeep Wrangler.

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3 Responses to The Jeep AT ActionCamper

  1. Tom Heath says:

    This is to AWSOM. I want,I want.

  2. Reppas says:

    At $53,000, I’ll guess I’ll just have to keep wanting!

  3. A ten year old says:

    Get a coyote rv instead!

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