Jeff Dean's Curved Rafters

curved rafters

Hello Lloyd,

Thanks for your great books. They have been an inspiration ever since I found my first copy of Shelter when it first came out. I  glance at your blog now and then and noticed the recent post about curved rafters. That is a nice looking barn roof. I thought you  might enjoy seeing how we make curved boards and rafters. See the diagram and photos below.

rafter cutting diagram cutting rafters

With this method of making curved boards, you can get a rise of around 4/5 of the board width with a single curved cut and no waste.

I am also including links to some Flickr pages with photos of our place which you may enjoy.

Photos of our place:

Timber Jig used to cut mortises and tenons on timbers and logs:

assembling rafters raising the frame goat and hay barn
Home: Homer, Alaska

–Jeff Dean
Homer, AK

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  1. donutsdoo says:

    Absolutely beauterful, did you build that timber jig?

  2. Rae says:


  3. Quail333 says:

    Wow, medieval.

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