Joel Bird's Shed with Living Roof

“The shed is special because it provides me with my way of life. It is great to work knowing it gives me a really high level of sustainability. The lights are powered by a solar panel, I use a wood burner to heat it, and then there is the allotment roof. Last year I grew a really decent crop including potatoes, courgettes, leaks, beetroot, onions, carrots, corn, broad beans, peas, mange tout, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, as well as a herb garden. I have a little cooker up there and I often sit up there and make myself a warm veg sandwich. The excess water from the roof flows off through a down pipe and waters the herb wall, before being collected in a water butt to be used again. It’s easy to access the roof, with a little staircase and I even have a tin bath up there for a summer soak. It really is a true, working shed and a little mini-countryside which keeps me sane in a city.”

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