Kate & Andy's Shepherd's Hut/Train Carriage



Having spent many hours being inspired by Shelter, Builders of the Pacific Coast and Tiny Homes we wanted to share with you our project building a road legal mobile tiny home which we now live in, having sold our conventional town house a year ago. We spent about 6 months designing our “hut” which draws inspiration from the traditional shepherd’s hut and old railway carriages and we started building it on a 16′ × 7′ car transporter trailer in November 2013. Whilst trying to source materials to keep the overall weight as low as possible we also used local sustainable and reclaimed materials wherever possible.

I have attached a few pictures of the hut at the moment, it still has some finishing touches to be made before it is fully completed. We have lots of photos of the hut being built and will be writing a full account of it fairly soon.

Kate Fox and Andy Gill


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  1. Dylan says:

    Give us an update

  2. Ed Layton says:

    Would love to see more photos.

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