Kim and Don Greene's Fuso Renovation


105Kim and Don Greene built the 2003 Mitsubishi Fuso Overland Camper interior using their international experience as a guide. The shell was commercially built and mounted on the chassis by Unicell to meet all U.S. highway D.O.T. regulations. Most custom campers are not approved for highway travel. The walls are insulated with two inches of polyurethane and foam block, plus the fiberglass, plus 3/8″ plywood.

The Greenes have taken this camper from the arctic to the antarctic, through parts of Africa and other countries. The camper and truck are so well built that nothing has broken. Everything still functions well. The Fuso FG is a commercial 4×4 truck, not a consumer truck like Ford, Chevy or Dodge. The components are designed for long-term use.…

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  1. Jessica Friedlander says:

    Glorious! Beautiful job. ❤️❤️❤️

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