Kristie Wolfe's Hobbit House Village in Washington


There’s a small but active sub-community of tiny home builders inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (and Peter Jackson’s movie adaptations). Notable examples include the Hobbit Holes, Green Magic Homes kit, and Simon Dale’s Hobbit Home. Wolfe’s Hobbit Home is located on a 5.5 acre (2.2 hectare) plot in Chelan, Washington, and built into the mountainside so completely that it could be easy to miss on first glance. Visitors reach the small garden through a wattle fence and gate, and enter the home via a round door that Wolfe made from a large cable spool.



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6 Responses to Kristie Wolfe's Hobbit House Village in Washington

  1. cathykatejohnson says:

    I would love that…at least for a stay if not a lifetime!

  2. Peter says:

    What a beautiful little house! There is a tendency to call any small, rustic building a Hobbit house when, in many cases, they are nothing like the Hobbit houses described in Tolkien or depicted in Peter Jackson’s movies. However, this is the real thing with round doors and windows, plus a lovely Arts and Crafts style interior! Very nice!

    • Thanks Peter! When I was doing research for building it I was insistent that it be buried like a real hobbit hole. Like you said most of the dwellings I found under hobbit hole were really cottages with round doors. I tried to make it as legit as possible :)

      • michael says:

        You did an amazing job kristie. Not to mention it but wow you have an amazing smile I hope you get to share that a lot. Michael.

  3. A true Hobbit House that I just love!! Have wanted one ever since I saw Lord of the Rings!!! May you be very happy in it!

  4. Pami says:

    Would like to see them make a round hobbit home on wheels with two train beds and place live in all year with small kitchen and bathroom place to hang your clothes ect.

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