Meet West Wing – Shed of the Year

West Wing, Eco

The West Wing, a family-friendly labour of love over eight years, has three separate sections including a spacious loft which as an area to sleep and wind down, a large workshop space for ‘shedworking’ and a secret bookcase that reveals a hidden room for the kids to enjoy. The eco-friendly shed, with its warm and cozy charm, is a quirky getaway at the bottom of the garden…

Made from 90% recycled materials and set across three sections, the West Wing includes a bed in loft space, an area to relax and escape, a secret bookcase, a play area, storage and workshop…

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  1. Anon says:

    had a look through this one…Magnificent small home, certainly, but it hardly seems, to my mind, a “shed”.

    my favorite, and very frugally done with cast offs and such, is

    Ilona’s Summerhouse: Owned by Ilona in North Lincolnshire.

    Hand crafted by a first-time builder with recycled materials of pallets, doors, polycarbonate roof and reclaimed paving slabs, this shed is a little sunlit hideaway.

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