Mike Beaudry & Bill Rispoli's Sod Roof Log Cabin


Lloyd and company,

I am essentially an itinerant timber framer and hand hewer. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work on some unusual small homes and cabins. Like many, the book that influenced me the greatest was Shelter. It was in Shelter that I first saw a cruck frame and fell in love with its simple beauty. Shelter also showed me that it was possible for someone to pick up an axe and hew out a timber frame or log home.

I own the whole Shelter series including the less familiar Shelter II.

I do not know if you are interested in any of these pictures for publication but I would truly feel honored if you did.

This building is a log cabin, hand-hewn. This was built by Bill Rispoli and me. The living roof is blueberry sod. Has berries in August and turns scarlet in autumn. Think of us as builders from the Atlantic Coast.

–Mike Beaudry

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  1. Jessie says:

    LOVE the outside, but soooooo tired of NOT seeing pictures of inside!!!!!

  2. Rachael says:

    This is fantastic. I live on the Atlantic coast. Are there pictures of the interior available? Thanks.

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