Modern Rustic Tiny Home


A friend thought I should submit this photo of my modern rustic tiny home to your blog. I built and live in this structure in a garden lot in an inner commercial Portland, Oregon neighborhood. I also have been blogging about my entire build process here:

IMG_2317 IMG_2316 IMG_2315

I like the term “micro” because it goes beyond the term “tiny” since it offers a comparison, indicating something smaller that the average scale. My goal in building a micro house was not primarily to be part of a movement, but to build a simple, decent, affordable home where I could apply my experience in design and building to create a space that is my own. I work in the energy efficiency field as a home performance consultant and meet with homeowners every day. Listening to their concerns, needs and values, I realized that I did not need or want to maintain a larger space.

IMG_2372 IMG_2367 IMG_2321

It could be convenient to have a larger house, even just a two-bedroom, so I could use that extra space to accommodate guests, as a yoga room or as a home office. But then I wouldn’t be faced with the unique design challenge of living in a smaller space where everything (mostly) I own is meaningful and has its own place. Pretty neat.


–Laura Klement

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I really need to update my tour photos :)

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