Muji Tiny Homes – Japanese Prefabs

With just enough space and amenities needed for a low-key getaway, these huts are not for the claustrophobic or high-maintenance. But they’re ideal for minimalists — priced starting at $25,000 a pop, the huts can be easily installed nearly anywhere, from forests to riverbanks, offering a cozy “escape from the hustle and bustle of the city,” as Muji puts it on its website, where they’ll be available for purchase starting in 2017.

Each has a sleek design made of one dominant material — wood, aluminum, or cork. [Naoto] Fukasawa’s Wood Hut features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a wood stove, a tub, cot, and kitchenette. [Jasper] Morrison’s Cork Hut is a boxy structure on a wooden platform, meant as an easily assembled vacation home. [Konstantin] Grcic’s Aluminum Hut, with fold-out metal awnings, looks almost like a large storage container or modernist trailer home.…

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