New CDFA Pesticide Mandate Threatens Public Safety and Organic Farming

Organic Farm - No PesticidesThis is serious, folks. The California Dept. of Food and Agriculture is trying to push through a bill where the State has the permanent authority to spray pesticides anywhere, anytime, without warning — even on organic farms — which would invalidate their certification.

It also would allow them to further expand the program without public notice or input. This will be death to organic farming, which is something that many in Big Ag have wanted for a long time.

The public comment period ends this Friday, October 31. Please read, share, and comment at

Stop CDFA’s Plan for Unlimited Future Pesticide Spraying

The California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) Draft Statewide Pest Programmatic Environmental Impact Report (Pest PEIR) authorizes the state to spray pesticides anywhere, any time, for any pest, into the infinite future. If the Pest PEIR is approved, there will be nothing that we can do to stop state pesticide spraying in our communities.

  • Threat to human & environmental health, including honeybees.  The PEIR would permanently eliminate less-toxic, non-pesticide, and organic options for state pest management. It allows spraying at schools and fails to adequately analyze pesticide impacts on children and other sensitive individuals such as the chronically ill. Its 79 pre-approved pesticides are linked to cancer, birth defects, reproductive system damage, and extreme toxicity to bees, other pollinators, fish, other aquatic life, birds, and mammals.
  • Threat to organic farming.  Organic farms could be forced to spray non-organic PEIR-mandated pesticides. PEIR disregards the economic and environmental impacts of forced spraying on organic farms, stating that organic farmers will not be harmed because they can simply sell sprayed crops as conventional produce.
  • Expansion of spraying with no public notice or input.  The PEIR allows CDFA to add new chemicals, new treatment locations, and new target pests behind closed doors with no way for us to know about or challenge these decisions.

Approval of the PEIR would set a precedent for sweeping, unchecked power by state agencies in matters involving human and environmental health.

Stop the approval of the PEIR – Comments due by Oct 31, 2014 (This Friday; don’t delay!)

Link to the CDFA PEIR website:

4 Responses to New CDFA Pesticide Mandate Threatens Public Safety and Organic Farming

  1. Mike W says:

    Here’s the main state site for the ‘proposed program’ if you want to find out more..Always nice to have both sides of the issue available for study..Not saying comments above are incorrect, just always good to glean all info and then make up your mind..

    the report is pretty dry at 27 megs but look you clarifications you may need..

  2. Malcolm Lubliner says:

    Subject: New CDFA Pesticide Mandate Threatens Public Safety and Organic Farming
    Pesticide production and proliferation is a gigantic business and part of the world wide chemical industry which makes everything from pharmaceuticals to perfumes and toothpaste to Napalm (remember Napalm?). It would be interesting to know what the CDFA authorities are promised both during and after their employment. Would they accept a seat on the industries’ board of directors post employment with the state? With more and more chemical based, genetic illnesses appearing, especially in communities where pesticides are commonly used, we should resist the industry’s attempt to further contaminate our food and communities.

  3. shelterpub says:

    Today is the last day for comment submissions.

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