New Zealand Woman Builds Tiny Home with Materials Salvaged from Earthquake

Lily Duval's tiny house

Lily Duval knows better than many the trials of construction during the Christchurch earthquake rebuild. She built a tiny house.

Duval, 27, lives in a “community” on Peterborough St. Her house sits on land shared by a few normal-sized homes without dividing fences, and the community is run by a trust.

She worked as an earthquake repair painter and watched as millions of dollars of reusable building materials went to landfill. Duval has a unique perspective.

“The architecture feels like it’s all coming from the same places,” she says. “I do worry we’ll end up in a tilt-slab city.”

Duval’s mini-house is 14 square metres (150 sq. ft.).

Photos by Doug Richardson

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  1. Callene Corkan says:

    Hello all.I am a single mom and the owner of two travel trailers.One is a small pull along and the other a larger fifth wheel.I love the Tiny Houses.I want to ask opions on making a gooseneck fifthwheel a Tiny House.I plan to keep the smaller trailer just that,just improve upon it.Should I maintain the fithwheel as such or go Tiny?I have not seen many houses done from goose necks.I am on a VERY LOW budget.I am buying pieces as I go.Or collecting as I find them.I have a good starting point.Got the trailer,dorm fridge(thou my daughter wants a bigger one),propane stove,propane cook top,propane oven,propane heater(it has an issue.not sure did work),and whatever is salvaged from my fifthwheel.We live in them now but they leak badly.We sleep in the smaller trailer together.We do all bathroom stuff in the fifthwheel and cooking.The TV is in there as well.My crafting stuff and bedroom arein the smaller one.Please give advice and any pics to help.
    Thank You

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